Effective for skin diseases

  • Neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis (scaly patches)
  • Seborrhoeic eczema
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Allergy-related skin diseases

HEALING SALT baths help to gently remove psoriasis (scaly patches) from the skin. The baths lead to a decrease of heavy acrokeratosis, and further scaly patch growth is prevented. The HEALING SALT also improves the natural moisture balance and the retention capacity of the skin layers, which has a positive effect on the skin texture and complexion in cases of psoriasis. 

With psoriasis, where cell proliferation is drastically increased, which leads to permanent scaling, salt baths have an impact on the rate of cell division within the epidermis through a change in the acrokeratosis density, thereby normalizing the skin texture and complexion.

The histamine reaction capacity of the skin is reduced, whereby redness and continuous itching due to neurodermatitis as well as allergies are mitigated. The intensive blood circulation-enhancing effect stimulates the skin’s metabolism and activates skin renewal and healing, especially in neurodermatitis and dermatitis patients,. This gentle and natural skin care is also very suitable for the treatment of sensitive baby or children’s skin.

The mild irritation caused by HEALING SALT baths leads to vegetative reactivity changes of the skin, which in turn lead to a calming effect on the histamine reaction capacity with a decrease in wheal formation and itching. In addition to this, there are phaseal reactions of the white haemogram, corticosteroid excretion and the normalization effects at various indications of the neurovegetative tonus that have alleviating effects on allergic skin conditions.

Furthermore, Speltenbach HEALING SALT has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect and supports skin detoxification. In addition, the positive psychological factor that results from the deep relaxation is very significant for counteracting new disease flare-ups in a lasting manner. Through targeted treatment, a permanent alleviation of the symptoms can be reached even in chronic cases.

Osmotic displacements and ion changes within the cell membranes result in metabolism adjustments that positively influence the vegetative nervous system via sensitive receptors as well as the creation of tissue hormones.