Speltenbach Healing Salt

Speltenbach Healing Salt is the only HEALING SALT applied for therapeutic purposes that is extracted in Austria. 

It is produced from the thermal water of the Speltenbach healing spring, which contains very high salt levels and is located in Altenmark near Fuerstenfeld in the midst of the Styrian thermal spa region. The Speltenbach thermal spring is designated a “healing or curative spring” thanks to its unique composition of solute substances that make up this special water. Both the medical-balneological expertise and a curative saltwater analysis by the University of Graz confirm healing and soothing effects of the salt for neurodermatitis, inflammatory and allergic skin diseases as well as for rheumatism, spinal and joint problems.   

The Speltenbach HEALING SALT is completely natural, without any fragrances or preserving agents.

The following characteristics are required for the curative spa to be officially recognized as compliant with the Austrian Curative and Medicinal Water Resources as well as Spa Law (“Heilvorkommen- und Kurortegesetz”):

at just over 40000 mg/kg, the total mineralization is far above the legally stipulated minimum value of 1000 mg/kg;

with approx. 11.5 mg/kg, the concentration of solute iron (II+III) is above the minimum legal requirement of 10 mg/kg;

with approx. 7 mg/L, the concentration of iodide lies above the legally stipulated minimum value of 1 mg/kg;

the water temperature of over 30°C entails the classification “thermal spring”.

The legal requirements set down for the recognition of the “SPELTENBACH THERMAL SPRING” as a curative natural resource have therefore clearly been fulfilled.